Burglar Liquid Waste

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Liquid Waste Removal

Burglar Liquid Waste are a family owned and operated business working in liquid waste. They’re now onto their third UD, and “other than changing tyres and oil changes, I haven’t had to put a spanner to it”

Burglar Liquid Waste are a family owned and operated business with more than 50 years experience in the liquid waste industry. For the Director of Burglar Liquid Waste Darryl Karp, the 24-hour 7-day-a-week service to Melbourne and the surrounds means they have to be able to depend on their trucks. Darryl’s first Condor PK was the fi rst vacuum truck ever done by CMV Truck & Bus Laverton. The business now has two GW 26 420s in addition to the PK 17 280.

So why did Burglar Liquid Waste choose UD?

A unique specification

“Our vacuum trucks do everything – from industrial waste to grease traps to car washes, pump stations for the local water authorities, septic tanks, and builder’s toilets. We’re not a bobcat business or freight delivery company… we are a bit specialised and generally job specific. When it comes to that side of things we need to have good gear that turns up that is reliable all the time,” said Darryl.

The Japanese Truck

When it came to choosing a new truck, after having tried both American and European trucks, Darryl was happy to lean on the recommendation of a friend with a UD and went to see Alan Craig in New Truck Sales at CMV Truck & Bus Laverton.

“Because we are predominantly a day truck a run around truck and normally not too far from home, the Japanese truck appealed to me a little more. UD trucks were the first of the AdBlue trucks at the time, rather than the new exhaust systems. A friend of mine had a Condor and I thought I would give my first UD a try. They were pretty well-priced in regards to the rest of the Japanese,” said Darryl.

Going the extra mile

Darryl said his UDs not only help keep the business, they advertise the business as well. It’s hard to miss a UD Truck driving down the road with ‘The Turd Burglar’ splashed across the side in waves of blue and purple.

When Darryl took over the business from his father-in-law ten years ago, the small family business had an old truck that had on the front bonnet ‘The Turd Burglar’. “So when I bought the first of my new trucks I had signwriting done all up the sides of the trucks with the emblem and the words ‘The Turd Burglar’… purely and simply because everyone remembered the trucks when they saw them going down the road,” said Darryl.

“They are a driving billboard for us! We have cars driving past taking photos as they’re driving down the highway. Every second day someone is taking a photo… A lot of people ring us because they’ve seen the trucks, and I think that’s important and that’s a good tool.”

Quality and Dependability

Darryl said he’s had the Condor now for three years and hasn’t had any issues at all. “Other than changing tyres and oil changes, I haven’t had to put a spanner to it. I was pretty confident with that and I had already test drove the bigger trucks 12 months’ ago. I made up my mind that when it came to changing the trucks over that I would go down the path of using UD Quon,” said Darryl.

“I bought one in November and the other has just gone out on the road. Customer service is our number one focus so you have to have reliable gear on the road all the time. UD trucks have been reliable… which is why I’ve gone back after the first truck and bought a second and a third UD.”

Darryl said he’s happy to see he is about being funny rather than the whole corporate side of things, with ‘being number 1 in the number 2 business’… and that’s certainly refl ected on his UDs. “I think if you can’t laugh in life there is something wrong! My drivers are pretty happy driving the trucks around.” Darryl Karp, Director of Burglar Liquid Waste