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Grease Traps

Burglar Liquid Waste has purpose built trucks and equipment specialising in the removal of liquid waste. We own the latest technology in grease trap cleaning with a portable pumping device known as ‘R2D2’ which allows us to access most areas without the need to run large hoses to the truck or through buildings.


Keeping Restaurants cleaner! It is ideal for in house grease traps, Restaurants above ground level or where access is a problem. The grease that goes down your sink warm will set in the grease trap cold After a period of 3-6 months the grease trap becomes full of solid grease and will need to be emptied Failure to regularly clean your grease trap can lead to offensive smells, blocked pipes and water drainage issues It is a requirement by the EPA that your grease trap be emptied regularly We have a data base for reminders when grease traps are due to be cleaned on a regular basis.


The Turd Burglar is an EPA accredited agent; this allows us to complete the necessary paperwork on your behalf