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Septic Waste

Burglar Liquid Waste has been in the industry for over 50 years, so you could say we know our shit! We are very professional and experienced in knowing what is required to get you going again. We understand that when you have unwanted mess coming up in the house or your business premises then you need someone straight away! We offer this with a same day service policy. It makes no difference what day of the week or what time of the night you have a problem, we will be there to help you.


Septic Maintenance

Your septic tank is a storage chamber that will eventually become full. No septic system can function without being cleaned out regularly, most septic tanks need to be cleaned about every 3 years to keep it functioning efficiently and to remain in a good pumpable condition Our business has a database of all our customers and alerts us when it has been 3 years since your Septic Tank was cleaned. No need to remember to call; we’ll call you!


After 3 years most septic tanks have enough solid crust to cause a blockage of the front inlet pipe. Pushing a stick down this front pipe will not fix the problem; it only makes the tank work harder The cleaner the front half of the tank is, the cleaner the water will be that disperses out into the slotted sewer pipes in your garden. Many slotted sewer pipes fail because sediment from poorly maintained septics block the slots that allow the water to flow into your garden. Another problem that occurs with your septic tank is the intrusion of tree roots into the tank, they grow rapidly off the nutrients in the waste water. Without regular checking and maintenance, these create a huge problem to remove. AERATED WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS (AWTS) Taylex Treatment systems, Biocycle Treatment systems, Septech Treatment System or Aquanova Treatment System are all AWTS. State law and EPA require (AWTS) systems to be serviced every 3 months to comply with regulations. Councils require reports to be sent to them to inform them the system is working within the regulations. For further information on AWTS http://www.codebrown.com.au