How do you know which type of septic tank you have and what does it mean?

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Septic tanks are used in hospitality businesses and many residential properties to contain scum and solids from wastewater. They are used to treat water through drainage and biological decomposition. 

Septic tanks are connected by two pipes: the inlet and the outlet. The inlet pipe transports the wastewater from a property into the septic tank long enough to separate the solid and liquid waste.

There are a few types of septic tanks. Below we’ve outlined the differences between the two. 

Standard Septic Tank

As a general rule, if your home is over 20 years old, you will have a standard septic tank. These systems rely mostly on gravity and are connected to a distribution pit followed by absorption trenches, which are generally slotted pipes that are laid underground in aggregate filled trenches. Solids settle at the bottom of the tank, and liquid known as effluent passes through the distribution pit to the trenches where it is absorbed by the soil.

Septic Treatment Plant

On the other hand, septic treatment plant systems typically have two tanks and consist of a primary chamber along with an aeration system. This aeration system treats effluent with chlorination to an approved standard.

Contrastingly to standard septic tanks, septic treatment plant systems require power to operate and must have an alarm fitted to warn you if they are not working properly. This system also requires regular servicing approximately every three months by a qualified service agent.

Locating Your Septic Tank

Locating your septic tank system is not complicated if you have the plans you received with your septic permits.   

Sometimes you can locate your septic tank by the ‘riser’ attached to the opening of the tank. This is normally a white plastic PVC pipe, with a cap, sticking out of the ground where the opening of your septic tank is located underground.  The effluent area will sometimes remain green during the warmer, dryer months.

However, if you are unable to find a copy of your plans, we suggest requesting a copy from your local council.  They also have access to septic tank locators that are flushed down your toilet. But it is important to note that this process is not 100% accurate and can be expensive.

In need of septic tank maintenance?

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