Tips for Cost-Effective Grease Trap Cleaning

If you’re installing or running a commercial kitchen and want the operation to be smooth and worry-free, installing grease traps is a must. Grease traps are important in preventing sewer blockages caused by cooking fats that cool and harden in the pipes. To keep the grease trap working well, it needs regular maintenance which includes routine grease trap emptying.

Here’s how you can optimise the use of your grease trap and avoid costly repairs or replacements.

Don’t use it as a grease disposal unit
Though a grease trap does what its name states, you shouldn’t use it as an actual grease disposal bin. By pouring grease, oil and fats down the grease trap, it will reach its maximum capacity that much sooner. Additionally, it may cause clogging and other drainage issues. It’s best to use metal containers to hold the grease and then hand it over to a professional grease trap emptying team.

Strain out the solid food
The less amount of solid food reaches the grease trap, the better. Discard the solid food wastes before they enter the greywater mix. This prevents too much build-up of solids in the grease trap that may otherwise lead to the build-up escaping through the outlet. Having a strainer in place is a simple but effective way to collect the solid food debris and reduce the amount that settles at the bottom of the grease trap.

Check for proper installation
If you have a grease trap, you’d assume that it has been properly installed. However, mistakes are often made in the installation process. An improperly installed grease trap cannot function as it should. It will need more frequent cleaning and even a total replacement as it will deteriorate much more quickly. Signs that your grease trap has been improperly installed are:
It doesn’t collect grease at all.
Oil leaks and puddles on the floor as it escapes the grease trap.
The grease trap emits strange noises.

Turd Burglar is here to provide grease trap cleaning in Melbourne!

Grease trap cleaning is best left to professionals who can do the job properly. Our team offers all-around grease trap cleaning services in Melbourne and surrounding areas. We have 50 years of experience in sorting out grease traps as well as septic tank maintenance. No matter which day of the week or what time in the night you have a problem, we’re here to deliver the service you need.

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