3 Signs Your Grease Trap Needs Cleaning

Grease traps are a necessity in the restaurant industry, and cleaning them is not a job for the faint-hearted. A grease trap is… exactly what the name says… it’s a place where the grease, oil and food that shouldn’t be going down the sink are stopped from getting into the waste water system. Known as FOG’s (food, oil, grease) this gunk builds up to a point where the trap is full and needs to be cleaned.

Ideally, you’ll have a regular maintenance schedule in place for your grease traps, but even with that in place, there are some tell-tale signs that your grease trap needs attention.

  1. Smell

If you’re noticing foul smells in your kitchen, you need to consider the grease trap could be the culprit. If the odour is worse near sinks and drains, take that as a sign. Fat, oil and grease stored in one place is not going to smell pretty. A bad smell is a sign that grease trap cleaning is needed. Not only can that bad smell be uncomfortable for workers, bad smells in restaurants definitely put customers off returning.

  1. Slow Drainage

When your sinks and drains start running slowly, it’s probably because there’s a build-up of something in the drainage system. When fats and oils go down the sink as liquid, at some point they will solidify and build up. Too much build up and the drain will start to run slowly. Maintenance like regularly flushing your drains with hot water is a good idea, but it’s not a solution or a cure all. If your drains are running slowly, it could be time to have the grease trap cleaned.

  1. Gurgling/Noisy Drains

If you can hear the liquid going down your drains, there’s something amiss. If there’s a bubbling type noise, or gurgling as you empty the sink, it’s a sign of a blockage. It could be due to grease and fat stuck in the pipes, or it could be that the grease trap is full and those bits of debris going down your sink don’t quite make it to the grease trap. If the drains are gurgling, check the grease trap.

Depending on the size of your grease trap, you may consider cleaning it yourself, however, it’s a smelly, dirty, greasy process, where you will be left with waste you can’t just throw in the bin. Additionally the EPA has rules and paperwork around grease trap cleaning that you’ll also need to be on top of.

The easier way to have your grease traps cleaned in Melbourne is to call The Turd Burglar. Turd Burglar has the latest technology in grease trap cleaning which means they can get access without needing to run large hoses through your premises, meaning less disruption for your business. The Turd Burglar is also an EPA accredited agent, which means they can clean and submit the required paperwork on your behalf.

If you start noticing odd smells in the kitchen, or the drains are running slowly or making noise, get the Turd Burglar to check and clean your grease trap.