What is Liquid Waste and How to Deal with It

Liquid waste, as the name suggests is just that, the waste liquid from pretty much any action. Technically, the dishwashing water that goes down your sink is liquid waste. It goes down the sink and into a system that deals with it in line with government guidelines.

There is a lot of liquid waste from industry that does not have such a direct outlet to being properly dealt with, however, if your business produces liquid waste, you will have legal obligations with liquid waste removal to ensure it doesn’t become a health danger to people or wildlife.

Industrial liquid waste can range from abattoir effluent to the used water from car washes. The sludgy liquid waste from restaurant grease traps, to sewerage sludge, and industrial plant washdown waters are all types of liquid waste that require by law, particular disposal management. How liquid waste is dealt with is dependent on what they waste is, so trying to navigate this area without expert help can be very difficult.

Accidents, in terms of leaks and spills also require management in line with government rules. In Victoria, pollution from a liquid spill is an offence and the EPA has powers to prosecute those who cause them. This means that industry has very good cause to ensure it is dealing with liquid waste removal in appropriate ways.

Turd Burglar has been in the Industrial Waste industry for over 50 years and is EPA accredited to remove many waste products. This means, not only can they deal with your liquid waste but they can also ensure the ‘paperwork’ is handled correctly so your business is up to date and compliant with the water authorities.

Additionally, in terms of accidental spills, Turd Burglar is on call 24 hours a day. Waste liquid accidents, leaks and spills tend not to keep office hours, however if your business is affected by accidental spills, you want that dealt with immediately.

Turd Burglar has purpose-built trucks just for liquid waste removal. They have a same day service policy, and we will be there to help you anytime.

Turd Burglar can remove

  • Abattoir effluent
  • Car wash waters
  • Food processing effluent
  • Fruit and Vegetable effluent
  • Grease interceptor trap waste – domestic
  • Grease interceptor trap waste – industrial
  • Industrial Plant Washdown waters
  • Insert sludges or slurries
  • Sewerage sludge and residues